Best Retro Games Played on Nintendo

For the 20th anniversary of Nintendo’s official magazine, we have reviewed the top games of each of Nintendo’s consoles. Thus we begin our selection with the eight best titles of the mythical NES console.

The official Nintendo Magazine turns 20 and, to celebrate, we review the top 20 titles we’ve played in each of Nintendo’s ten consoles. So, we top the list with the selection of the top 20 games from Nintendo’s mythical 8-bit console, the NES.

Since its kick-off, the 15th of July, 83 in Japan, the call was from the 8-bit and with a pad with two single buds (A and B), allowed us to control the big stars and protagonists of the history of video games in its beginnings. Mostly created by the incredible genius Miyamoto, the legendary Link, or the friendly plumber of the red cap and blue jumpsuit called Maaaaario!

The NES delighted us with hours and hours of entertainment and fun offering us many ways of playing when the sector still does not

NIA was behind his back not ten years of life and, although many games are remembered today, some are still alive through consecrated sagas and others, no less important, helped to create the myth of Nintendo.

The selection, as you can imagine, has been quite close, but these are the games that, in our view, are the top 20 with the best NES games in history. What do you think?

  1. Super Mario Bros 3 (Nintendo,1988)

Going through each of the fantastic worlds of Super Mario Bross 3 and getting to defeat the fearsome Bowser and his seven children at the end of each society was quite a challenge. Not to mention the many” power up ” of the game, such as the leaf that transformed us into Mario raccoon that allowed us to fly, or the frog suit with which we could dive with total freedom opened up many possibilities of exploration that make this game win its place in our list Big.

  1. The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo, 1987)

As expected, the classic The Legend of Zelda occupies a leading place. It has already been 20 years since the beginning of the adventures of our legendary Link in the Kingdom of Hyrule in his fight against the evil sorcerer Ganon and saves Princess Zelda. A title that led us into a world of epic fantasy that was the beginning of one of the most laureate sagas in the history of video games.

  1. Super Mario Bros (Nintendo,1985)

Taking into account that was considered the first video game platform side-scrolling Nintendo and its release contributed to a large number of sales even to popularize the console. Super Mario Bros is a real gem of the NES, where entertainment and fun when you cycle through the eight worlds to reach the end to rescue the daughter of the King Champion, not missing.

  1. Metroid (Nintendo,1986)

To incarnate a robot in whose interior is hidden a young bounty hunter hired by the Galactic Federation with the mission to recover organisms known as “Metroid” from the fearsome space pirates…we were entering a galactic adventure, traveling the Planet Zebus with the diversity of platforms, action and much exploration. A perfect combination to make this title a great NES game.

  1. Mega Man 2 (Capcom,1988)

A robotic and complicated plot developed in scenarios “futuristic” and platforms full of missions and action makes this game NES we have been hooked on for hours until you get to complete each level and get to defeat Dr. Wily and his robots obsessed with world domination. For this mega man had to transform and give his best because none of the robots that were in areas favorable to his abilities made it easy for us.

  1. Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse (Konami, 1989)

A game that teleported us to the Europe of 1476, which was threatened by Dracula who wanted to conquer it with his army of monsters put us in the skin of Trevor Belmont that accompanied by a priestess and a pirate, we assumed the mission of ending the immortal and feared bloodsucker.

  1. Kirby’s Adventure (Nintendo,1993)

The famous and adorable little pink ball capable of flying and absorbing its enemies, plus with the ability to copy their attacks or spit them out, conquered us in NES, where completing the animated phases, maps, mini-games or collecting treasures was an entertaining hobby…Kirby’s Adventure is a unique and unparalleled game that has overrun many more platforms since then until landing on Wii.

  1. Kid Icarus (Nintendo,1987)

The fantastic platform game that captivated us all in NES and that marked the beginning of The Kid Icarus saga. Getting into the skin of the angel Pit our main goal was to defeat all the creatures of the underworld with the Magic Arch of Palatine, while getting hearts, and collecting items to progress in the adventure, a game that brought us entertainment for a while!