Recently Completed: Kirby’s Adventure

As a kid, I didn’t know a lot about Kirby and his amazing adventure. I had heard of the character but never played any of the games, in fact the first time I played as Kirby was in Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 64. The character never really appealed to me when I was younger and so I never tried to get my hands on any of the games. It was only a few years ago when I was watching a room tour of the great Nintendo Collecting, A.K.A Lithium017 on YouTube and he mentioned the game that I became interested. What initially drew me in was the box art for Kirby’s Adventure on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the art work was so retro looking and it just looked like a fun game. As time went on, I noticed a lot of retro gamers that I follow online were posting about this it and how amazing the game was so I knew I had to try it out for myself.

I eventually got a chance to play it over Christmas just gone as I was one of the lucky ones who managed to get my hands on an elusive Nes Classic Edition. This was one of the first games I played when I first set up the console and it did not disappoint. Straight away I got a Super Mario Bros feel from the game but that quickly changed once I inhaled an enemy and absorbed their power, from then on I was in love with the game. The graphics looked great running in HD on the Nes Classic and the bright colors made for a very fun, happy and enjoyable atmosphere when playing the game. Being able to take on so many different abilities was a great feature as it gave you a lot of variety on how to play through each level. Of the many different abilities that Kirby could take on, I think the Beam ability was my favorite. I forgot to mention that he can fly too which is always a cool trait in a character. The variety of levels, worlds, side mission and mini games meant that this game was one that could be played over and over. The bosses at the end of each world were also really well designed and quite enjoyable boss battles to take on. The music was another great bonus for this game as it has a fantastic soundtrack. Lastly the game has a very interesting plot which once again, ads to this already amazing game. Kirby must collect fragments of the Star Rod which has been stolen and broken up by the evil King Dedede. This is what takes our hero through the various different lands and brings him in front of the various bosses before inevitably fighting his final battle of the game against King Dedede.

I have to say, I enjoyed playing through this game far more than I anticipated. I enjoyed every aspect of the game and I will definitely being returning to it in the future for many more playthroughs. If you have never played Kirby’s Adventure for the Nes before then I would highly recommend it as I can honestly say it is one of the best games I have ever had the fortune of playing.

Have you played Kirby’s Adventure before? What are your thoughts on the game? Let me know in the the comments below.

Thank you very much for reading, happy gaming and as always, good luck on your journey along the retro road.