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GamerFest Returns To Galway

It's dangerous to go alone, read this. GamerFest 18 is coming to Galway this month for what is promised to be their biggest event to date. I was lucky enough to have made the very first GamerFest event last year... Continue Reading →

Retro Collecting Tip 9 of 20: Keep A Catalogue.

I'm back after a little break, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild kind of consumed me for the past few weeks. I'm all finished now, well the main story line at least so thought I'd get cracking on... Continue Reading →

“The Rise of Retro” A mini documentary by Clear Haze.

Recently I was approached by Alan Dunne of Clear Haze who was interested in putting together a mini documentary on the recent resurgence of retro gaming. During the film I talk about why I love retro gaming and why I... Continue Reading →

Retro Collecting Tip 5 of 20: Loose Carts to Start.

There is a big difference in price between loose cartridge games and boxed or complete in box(CIB) games and sometimes it is better to keep it loose, especially when you start out collecting.   I have bought quite a few... Continue Reading →

Retro Collecting Tip 4 of 20: eBay, Try Not To Get Carried Away.

I mentioned before that it is very easy to get carried away when you start off in the collecting game, I got carried away at first and it is something I wish I had been able to control a bit... Continue Reading →

Retro Gaming, The Beauty of Box Art.

One of the many reasons I love retro video games is the box art. There are so many titles with art work almost as good as the game itself and in some cases, better. Don't get me wrong, current generation... Continue Reading →

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