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I love all things gaming and that includes some of the amazing collectibles and merchandise that is out there. This includes pin badges, posters, toys, movies, clothes, the list goes on. Collectibles and merch can both add to your collection and also help show the world that you are a gaming geek by rocking some cool gamer apparel.

Some of the Pokemon goodies I have to liven up the game room.

First of all, there are the hardcore collectibles like kiosks, store signs, video game prototypes and a lot of other pieces which are really cool but will usually set you back a good chunk of change. Along with these pieces there’s also the promo pieces and press packs for video games which would have been given out at special events around the release of a game. I really like the products that were released alongside the Nes and Super Nintendo as the art style for a lot of it is very nostalgic to me. Some of the store signs for games on these systems are amazing and I have even seen some cool Super Mario Bros clocks that I hope to one have hanging on my wall. A lot of these collectibles can be quite pricey so I’d suggest that you do your homework, familiarize yourself with prices and what promo pieces are out there as you never know what you might find in the wild.

One of the Super Mario Bros clocks that I hope to own one day.

Merch is a great way to add some decoration to your collection, adding a few figurines, posters and stickers into the mix will bring your collection to life. You can drop into most game stores and there should be a lot of cool stuff available for you to pick up. Some of my favorite merchandise however, comes from the home-brew creators out there. People who make custom made video game products purely out of a love of video games. I like to wear video game related T-shirts, it’s my favorite kind of merchandise. Over the years I have discovered some amazing websites (None of this is sponsored, I am promoting these sites purely as a fan of their work) over the years and will leave links to them at the end of the blog.

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The amazing Mask T from Stone and Oak. (Photo by Stone and Oak Clothing Co.)

Conventions are another great place to pick up some gamer gear as a lot of people will be selling their custom made items at stalls. I have picked up some great gamer and geeky goodies at conventions over the years so definitely bring some extra cash if you are thinking of going to a convention any time soon.

It’s not gaming related but I like all things geeky as well. I purchased a replica of The One Ring last year and have it hanging in my game room.

This tip has turned into me talking about my love of gaming goodies but I am ok with that as I really do have a passion for all things gaming. So if it’s a highly collectible item or promo pieces that you are interested in, I would highly advise that you do some research before you buy, find out what is a reasonable price for the item and also make sure that it is real and not a reproduction. If it is normal merch that you are after then go online, search the likes of Etsy or pop on down to your local game store and pick up some cool stuff to bring your video game collection to life.

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