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I often hear stories of people buying Nintendo 64 games during the time when the console was going out of fashion and games were being sold complete in box for around €5. I have heard stories of people buying black bags full of Nes games for less than €100 and it breaks my heart that I wasn’t one of those people. This got me thinking about which of today’s modern games might be considered retro in the future and should I collect them now.

When I started collecting, PlayStation 1 games were not really considered retro but now they are becoming highly collectible.

I often go into stores and see Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2 and original Xbox games from €2 a piece and I think, is now the time to buy? Will these games be considered retro or highly collectible in the future? If so, I don’t want to have the same regrets then, as I do know about not collecting more games of old.

A sealed copy of Splinter Cell that I picked up for €2 last year.

Just this morning I saw a picture that was posted on Instagram of a receipt for a copy of Clayfighters Sculptors Cut and the price was $19.99. If you know anything about that game, you will know that it currently sells for over $1,000 complete in box. This has to be a sign from the gaming gods to start picking up some new games that are currently selling for buttons.

Clay Fighter Sculptor’s Cut, one of the most expensive Nintendo 64 games.

I have picked up a few PlayStation 2, OG Xbox and Nintendo Wii games recently and although these might not be my favorite consoles, the games are fun to play, extremely cheap and one day will more than likely be considered retro. Disc based games (Apart from the Game Cube) don’t appeal to me as much as cartridge bases games but that is because they don’t hold any nostalgia for me. A lot of people will grow up playing the disc based games of today and in years time will have that nostalgic bond with them, making them more appealing and collectible.

The Metal Gear series is one of my favorites. I picked up this copy of MGS2 last year for about €3.

So the next time you are out at a video game shop, have a browse in the bargain bin and see if there are any cool titles that you might not normally be drawn to. These bargain bin games that are currently cheap as chips could be the Sculptors Cut of the future and you don’t want to miss out on that.

I hope this tip has been helpful to you on your collecting journey and you pick up some future classics. Thank you very much for reading but our next blog is in another castle!

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