The latest edition to the Nintendo Classic Mini series has finally been announced. The Snes Mini will be released in Europe on the 29th of September with a retail price of  about €89.99 which is pretty reasonable considering the amazing games that come with it. 

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The Snes Mini line up.

There are a total of 21 games pre loaded onto to the Snes mini with well known classics such as Super Mario World, The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past and Super Mario Kart. There’s also some notorious “Heavy Hitters” among retro video game collectors such as Secret Of Mana, Mega Man X and EarthBound. Most surprising however was the addition of a previously unreleased Super Nintendo game in the form of Star Fox 2.

We will finally get the chance to play Star Fox 2.

Star Fox 2 was initially set for release during the the summer of 1995 but unfortunately never saw the light of day. Some images were leaked onto the internet over the years but fans of the series never got to play the much sought after sequel, that is until now. Star Fox 2 will undoubtedly be a great edition to the Star Fox series and it will more than likely be the first game I play when I get my hands on a Snes Mini.

Snes Classic Edition NTSC version.

I am genuinely looking forward to playing every single game on the system but there are a few that I have been wanting to play for some time now. Super Mario RPG will definitely be getting fired up after Star Fox 2. Super Mario RPG is a game that I have been after for quite some time now but have yet to get my hands on a copy so I am really looking forward to that one. Final Fantasy 3, Secret of Mana and EarthBound will all be next on my list to play. With so many amazing RPG’s on the console, the SNES mini will definitely keep me busy for quite some time.

Snes Classic Edition PAL version.

Something that I was very pleased to find out was that the console comes with 2 controllers as standard so you can pop on Street Fighter and get straight into some multi player action.

I am delighted the that console comes with 2 controllers as standard.

I sincerely hope that Nintendo ups their production numbers with this Classic Edition and that every gamer who is after a Snes Mini can get one at the price point that it is meant for. I know of so many people who still to this day can not find an NES Classic for a reasonable price. I hope that Nintendo will produce enough consoles to meet the demand but just encase, I would highly advise that you pre-order one if you are serious about picking one up.

nes classic rectangle
The NES Classic Edition is still extremely sought after.

So what games are you looking forward to playing first? Will you go for the previously unreleased Star Fox 2, the classic Super Mario World or maybe something different? Let me know what games you will be playing first and what are your thoughts on the Snes Mini.

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