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When collecting anything, it is really important to look after your collection so here are a few of the tips that I take into consideration when looking after my collection.

First things first, keep it clean. When you have a large collection, it does take quite a lot of time cleaning which mainly involves dusting but it is worth it as it ensures that your things are kept in good shape. This is a basic housekeeping rule but one that I think is very important.

Second is to keep your things away from direct sunlight as it can be quite damaging to labels and boxes. You could have quite a rare and expensive game that gets left in direct sunlight and it can destroy the label which in turn can really devalue the game. I have seen labels so damaged by sunlight that it has completely wiped the image off the label and it was just blank. Most of us like a bit of sun from time to time but your games don’t so keep them out of the line of fire.

The difference between labels, Pokémon Snap on the left is faded due to being left in direct sunlight. Pokémon Snap on the right is how the label should be.

Discs are extremely vulnerable and quite often get so scratched that they are unplayable, so keeping them in their cases is very important. It’s quite easy to take a game out of a console and leave it laying around somewhere but this is a bad habit to get into. Just take the extra time to put the disc back into its case as all sorts of things can happen to it which could damage the game. There’s nothing worse than getting excited about playing a game, turning it on but then the console can’t read it, so do the right thing and put the disk back in the box.

Something that my games have been a victim of is being stored on an unstable shelf. To put a long story short, my games were on a shelf one day and the next, they were on the floor. Make sure your collection is stored in a safe place and when on shelves, ensure that you don’t over stack the shelf. I learned this the hard way but you run the risk of them falling and doing some serious damage.

Last and by no means least, look into getting some protective cases for your games and boxes. I bought some from eBay and they are quite reasonably priced. They protect your games, especially your boxes and keep them in the best shape possible. Another great thing about the protective cases is that if you by an old beat up box but want to display it, put it in a protective case and it gives the box some shape which brings it back to life. I hope to eventually have all of my boxed games in protective cases to keep them in the best shape possible as some unfortunately have become damaged over the years.

Get some clear cases to keep your boxed games in the best shape possible.

These are some of the most basic housekeeping rules when looking after your collection but ones that I would highly advise taking note of.

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