Over time on during your collecting journey you will more than likely end up with some games that you don’t really like any more or even some doubles of games that you might have picked up cheap somewhere, that is when it is time to trade and upgrade.

Every so often I take a step back and go through all my games to see if there is anything  that I may not care for anymore or think I might never play. I pick a few games and then I either trade my games with another collector, trade them into a retro store or sell off the games so I can raise some money to buy a game I might be interested in. It is not too often that I sell off games or pieces of my collection as I do prefer to trade but everybody has their preferences and if selling is yours then by all means do so.

Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja

About 2 years ago I made one of my first trades and I managed to get rid of some games I didn’t want and in return, I got some great games that I had been after. I had a few games in my collection that I had no interest in and had just acquired over time so I decided to gather them all up and bring them to my local retro video game store The Rage, in Dublin. I traded the games in, It wasn’t a huge amount of games but in the end I traded them for store credit and I managed to pick up a couple of titles that I had been thinking about buying at the time. I ended up getting 3 games by using the store credit I had accumulated from my trade and walked away with a copy of Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja for the Nes, Alex Kidd in The Enchanted Castle for the Sega Mega Drive and Krusty’s Fun House for the Nes.

Alex Kidd in The Enchanted Castle

I had played Joe & Mac as a kid and I had been thinking of getting it for some time so pounced when I saw it in the Nes section. I can remember my sitting and watching my older brother Aodhan play Krusty’s Fun House for house as a kid and it was one of the first games I had thought of getting when I started out collecting so that was another must for me when I was perusing the wide selection of games that were in the store. The last game I picked up was actually not what I thought, in my ignorance I thought I was picking up Alex Kidd in Miracle World but instead I picked up Alex Kidd in The Enchanted Castle. There is a reason behind this little mix up so let me explain. I have fond memories of playing Alex Kidd in Miracle World in my friends house when I was also a Kid…d, I played it in my friends house as I didn’t actually own a Sega when I was younger. It was purely down to a lack of knowledge on my part that I picked up the wrong game, this was early on in my collecting journey so I still had a lot to learn, I still do actually, ha. Not only was it the wrong game, it wasn’t even for the right console as Miracle World is for the Sega Master System and The Enchanted Castle is for the Sega Mega Drive. In the end I was pleasantly surprised by The Enchanted Castle as it is a pretty good game, I am still on the hunt for a Master System and a copy of Miracle world.

Krusty’s Fun House

Back to my point on trades and upgrading, I got rid of a few games that meant nothing to me and ended up with a couple of pretty special games from my childhood and a new game which I really like. I traded away the junk and upgraded to some treasure. So take a step back and have a think about what matters to you in your collection, If you find that you love it all then keep it but if there are a few titles you think you don’t want and might never play then think about trading them. Bring them to your local retro store and see what they will offer you for them, maybe there is another game you are after at the moment which you can get in exchange. Trading is quite common and for a good reason, you can get something new from something old.

I hope you have enjoyed the 6th installment of my collecting tips and hopefully it will be of some help.

Thanks for reading and good luck on your journey down the retro road,


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