If you are looking at a new game and you are unsure whether or not you will like it then there are a few options available to you. Some of these are fairly obvious like watching some gameplay footage of the game on YouTube or maybe reading some reviews, but if you want to try the game before you buy it then ROMs(Read-Only Memory) are the way to go.

ROMs are files which you can download for free online. Almost every game is available to download and you can play them by using Emulators. They work really well on PC and I often download them on to my android phone. Simply put, ROMs are the games and Emulators are the consoles, it’s that easy.

Super Mario 64 ROM for the Nintendo 64 running on Android Phone.

There are numerous websites where you can download both ROMs and emulators, the one website I use is Emuparadise as it has a large retro video game library on it. Alternatively, there are numerous apps which you can download for free on the Google Play Store.

Another great benefit of using ROMs is being able to play games on systems you might not own and also rare or expensive games that you might be interested in playing but unfortunately due to their rarity or price tag, you haven’t had the chance to play yet. For instants, a copy of Earthbound for the Super Nintendo could cost you upwards of 200 which is quite a chunk of change, and that’s just for the cartridge. I have read a lot about Earthbound since getting into retro gaming, not just because of it’s price tag but it is also regarded as being one of the best RPG’s on the Super Nintendo. I really wanted to play it to see what all the hype was about, as it was out of my price range I downloaded it onto my phone and got the chance to play it for free. I know it doesn’t have the same feel as playing on the console but it was enough for me to at least try the game out and experience it for myself.

Earthbound ROM for the Super Nintendo running on Android Phone.

You might find that some games are difficult to play as ROMs, especially if you are playing them on your mobile phone as the buttons can be a bit awkward at times but it is an easy and free way to try out new games.

I will leave a link at the end of this blog to the Emuparadise website below, it has hundreds of games across various systems and will also provide you with a suggested Emulators to run the game on.  If you are finding it a bit complicated then there are plenty of “How To” videos on YouTube that will give you a step by step guide on how to download and play games.

Super Mario Kart Rom for the Super Nintendo running on Android phone.

I hope that this has been of help to some people and I will be back soon with another collecting tip.

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