This collecting tip is all about cost. Over the years I have discovered that it is very important to do some research and learn the average cost of video games, consoles and accessories. I have paid more than I should have for some things and gotten some great deals on others. The two best examples of me over paying and under paying are when I bought my Japanese Nintendo 64 and Japanese Red Nintendo 64 controller.


I purchased both of these items on eBay, the red controller first and then the console. The red controller was one that I had been looking at buying for a while, I had wanted a boxed controller and a red controller so this was my obvious choice. At the time I didn’t do any research on the average price of the controller and I ended up getting into a bidding war with another eBay user, eventually paying roughly €55 including postage and packaging. This was far too much to pay for this controller as the average price was between €30 and €40 at the time, a point I only discovered after I had bought the item.

Shortly after buying the controller I noticed another one of its kind listed on eBay which I kept and I on and it eventually sold for around €35 including postage and packaging. This spurred me to check out the recently sold items and I could see the average eBay price. As you can imagine, I was not too happy about over paying nearly €20 but it was too late to do anything about it. In the long run it was a small price to pay as over paying for the controller made me wise on prices of items in the future. This was a big turning point for me as a collector, from then on I did my homework and learned a lot about pricing.


Not too long after buying my red controller I purchased a boxed Japanese Nintendo 64 from eBay and I got a great deal on it. I paid only €48 including postage and packaging for this console which was a great price as the average was between €80 to €120 at the time, judging by previously sold items on eBay. I did get lucky with this bid as I was 1 of only 2 people who bid on it and I felt I had made up for my lack of knowledge when buying my red controller.

There are so many variables to take into consideration when buying video games, consoles and more. Things to note are what condition is the item in, is it boxed, is it special edition, a colour variation, how rare is it, etc. I would advise anybody to do some research on an item before buying it, especially if it is expensive. Games that are around €5 don’t need too much deliberation when purchasing but if you are looking at buying a game that has a price tag of around €100 or more then maybe you should check out previous sales, average prices of listings on eBay and prices in any local retro stores. This will help you get a better sense of how much the game generally sells for and you will know when you are getting a good deal or when you are looking at paying too much.

This seems like a very basic point to touch on but when you start collecting, as I did, it is very easy to get carried away buying items and get way ahead of yourself. I hope that this point will help any new comers to the hobby of playing and collecting retro video games. I will be back soon with part 3.

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