Over the years of collecting video games I have learned a few things which I wish I had known when I started out. I have gotten some really great deals and also paid over the odds, I have had people try to scam me and I have had very generous people give me games and consoles for free. I am well versed in the collecting game(pun intended) and after years of being on the front line, I thought I would share my knowledge to hopefully help out some newcomers who are just getting into collecting for the first time.


I have put together 20 tips which I think will be quite valuable to someone who is new to collecting video games and especially Retro Video Games. I will be posting them individually so I can into more depth which each one. So here is my first collecting tip… Tell People.


When I first started playing and collecting retro video games I spent a lot of money in shops, online and from various sellers in local adds. About a year ago I was on the hunt for a Nintendo GameCube, a console that passed under my radar when I was younger. I had played the GameCube in friends houses but it never really grabbed my attention until I got into retro gaming as an adult. I wanted a GameCube as I had seen what an impressive library of games it had. So as I searched in eBay, online and in stores I wasn’t able to find one for a really good price. I could get them quite cheap but I wanted to test my collecting skills and see if I could get one for as little as €20.

I decided to post on my Facebook, asking friends and family if anybody had an old GameCube laying around that they didn’t want and would sell to me for a good price. I had been searching for a few weeks before I posted on Facebook but with no luck. The day after I posted a friend contacted me as he had one he was willing to sell and sold it to me for €25 which was just €5 over my target price. I ended up getting the console, all the cables, a controller, a game (Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer) and a Game Boy adapter.  I was overjoyed to finally have a Nintendo GameCube in my possession and for a really great price.

As luck would have it, a few days later another friend of mine who had seen my post about the GameCube on Facebook contacted me saying he had a few GameCube games that he had laying around and I could have. I honestly couldn’t believe my luck as I collected the bundle of games, he gave me 5 games which were Rocky, Star Wars Rogue Leader, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Smash Bros Melee and The Legend Of Zelda: The Windwaker. If you are a fan of the Nintendo GameCube then you will know that these are some of the best games on the system and would usually cost a pretty penny to buy them all. The power of social media had worked in my favour and that wasn’t the last time.


Since I posted about the GameCube on Facebook I have made it well known to friends and family that I am very passionate about retro gaming and collecting video games. Over the years I have had numerous games and consoles given to me from people as they have no interest in them and know how much I am into gaming. Like the old saying goes, one mans trash is another mans treasure. Some of the consoles I was given over the years are a Super Nintendo,  Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii, Xbox and two Xbox 360’s, not to mention all the games that came with them. That is an incredible amount of stuff to be given for free as it would have cost me hundreds of euro to purchase everything myself.


It is easy to see why I think one of the most important things when collecting is to tell people, tell your friends, post on Facebook and other social medias to let the world know that gaming is your passion. You might not get lucky or you might get extremely lucky as I have been and given a lot of stuff for free. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should go out and ask people for their old video games, that’s not it at all. I have never just flat out asked for stuff for free, I have just talked about my hobby of collecting as anybody would talk about their interests and this has lead to people contributing to my hobby. Over the years I have passed on the kindness to some of my friends who have only recently gotten into retro gaming. I have given away a Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo Wii which were all passed on to me by other people but I had already purchased these consoles myself and the ones donated were just spares.

I will be back with more tips soon, I hope this has helped any newcomers to collecting and good luck with your future game hunting.

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