The main reason I love to play the games of my childhood is nostalgia. Placing that Super Mario World cartridge in to the Super Nintendo, flipping that power switch on and seeing the red light appear makes me smile every time.  As most adults know, the older you get the less chance a lot of us have to sit down in front of the TV for a few hours and play video games. Be it family, work, or just general life getting in the way, gone are the days when we could stay up all night trying to complete all the different star road levels and trying to find every secret we had read about in the latest issue of Nintendo Power. But when I play these games now, more than 25 years on from my first video game experience, they take me back to the times when hours would disappear around me as Link and I roamed the fields of Hyrule. These games are like time machines that can take you back to when you first played Super Mario Bros 3 and figured out you could fly with the help of a magical leaf. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing, and for me it relates very much to video games and that of the great cartridge consoles of Nintendo.


For many years I had lost touch with my old school gaming routes and went along with the times playing the latest Playstation or Xbox titles that were released. I had managed to hang on to some GameBoys and my Nintendo 64, but all other games and consoles were lost in time. My Nintendo 64 sat in its case, protected yet unplayed for many years. What rekindled my passion for the games of the past was a surprise birthday present a few years ago. My better half bought me a Super Nintendo with two games, Lemmings and Mario Kart. I hadn’t played one of these consoles in years and holding it in my hands again opened the nostalgic floodgates and I was immediately hooked. I played it as much as possible, buying a few games here and there, titles I’d had as a kid such as Star Fox and Super Mario All Stars.

As time went on, I accumulated a rather large collection, buying any game or console I could get my hands on. It was easy to lose myself in the moment, scrolling through eBay discovering a game that I had played as a kid and long since forgotten. Seeing these games again reminded me of my childhood, and like my childhood self I wanted every game available! I spent a lot of money in the coming  years, more than I care to admit, before I could control my new nostalgic addiction.

As the years have passed, my love of these consoles and games has not dwindled, and I sincerely think it never will. I look forward to the day when I have children of my own and they can experience these games for the first time. If you have yet to experience these games for yourself, then maybe you will be lucky enough to get your hands on one of the elusive Nintendo Classic Mini Nes consoles which has some fantastic titles on it. The Nes mini has so far eluded my grasp, so for the moment I will have to be content with my Nes Original and the titles I have been lucky enough to acquire over the years.

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